Edge Engineers Deliver The Right Solution At The Right Time Delivered With Efficient And Engaging Communications Skills

The biggest benefit with working with Edge to me is that while Edge is managing the 'backend' backups, server management etc.  I can take more time with users assuring that their needs are met in the best way possible.  Edge manages Laserfiche with an eye towards efficiency and the future. Individual problems are rare and when they occur, dealt with quickly. Scripting repetitive eliminates with repetitive problems. If someone was on the fence about choosing Edge as their Managed Service Provider, I would say…

Change is difficult - What are your 3 primary I.T. challenges? Ask how Edge would address them.

Any skilled engineer can supply answers, but Edge does so in a timely manner. Edge engineers deliver the right solution at the right time delivered with efficient and engaging communications skills.

Frank Harrell
Jaffe Family Law Group