You Care About Your Work And It Is Demonstrated In The Quality Of The Service We Get Every Time

As always, I view the services of you and your team to be stellar.  Your customer service and tech support are excellent.  Everyone is patient and accepts that I or my partners may not use the correct “tech” speak but you and your team always know the translation and how to fix it. 😊 Edge has always been there with 24 hour tech support as well as proactive maintenance and tech purchasing plans that are always expandable, with easy cost translation to my firm growth and goals for the future. You are there for us with support, knowledge of your employees and willingness to assist even if it is a holiday, or we are moving. Essentially, you are always available for your clients and you care about your work and it is demonstrated in the quality of the service we get every time. I would tell anyone on the fence about choosing edge to... Jump off that fence!  I would tell them I have worked with you since 2009 when I didn’t know anything about starting a law firm from the ground up. You told me how to finance equipment, how to grow and change.  You and your team are always there to help with any issue even the basic questions.

Jennifer P. Savey